The Safe Use Of Nipple Clamps

The Safe Use Of Nipple ClampsForeplay? Self stimulation? Intercourse? Whichever, nipple clamps can be used for a new experience, or a favorite alli. Nipple clamps are a (simple) part of the ever famous BDSM. Though BDSM is often associated with danger and violence, anything in safe and consensual proportion is good. There are a few things one should consider when deciding to use nipple clamps to spice things up.

Are Those Jumper Cables?

The first step of safely using nipple clamps is to identify the kind of nipple clamps you want to buy (or may have already purchased). There are many styles of nipple clamps, but with two primary clasping options.

  • Clover Clamp – These clamps have to be manually tightened and can often be used to pull or tug on for extra stimulation and excitement.
  • Tweezer Clamp – This clamp has one of two looks. One actually looks like tweezers with a small piece of plastic or metal that slides toward the nipple to increase pressure and keeps them in place.

The second kind look very similar to tiny jumper cables (voltage not included) and are generally tight enough to stimulate, though tightness can be changed. With either style there are many different kinds of attachements. Tassels can match your lingerie or even be your lingerie. Chains, strings or any connectors can be used for additional stimulation by lightly or firmly tugging them with a hand or even mouth. Some may even vibrate to create a more unique sensation.

Mr. Right, or Mrs Right for the Night?

A key with sex in general and especially with BDSM is to never do these things with someone you are not well acquanted with. When deciding to even do something so “simple” as nipple clamps, in order for it to be safe, Make sure:


    • I know this person sexually (this is probably not the best idea to do the first time).


    • I know this person publicly(you actually need to know the other persons habits).


    • This person is someone I can trust.


Ideally, it is best to be in a monogamous relationship with the other person before moving into any phase of BDSM.

In order to have a safe and fun experience with nipple clamps remember these last few things. If it hurts (not that feel good pain), stop. If either party is taking it too far or one becomes uncomfortable, stop. If either party is unsure (non consenting) at any point, stop, maybe you can try again at another time or day.

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